• Birch Massur

    Birch Massur

  • Rosewood


  • Cherry Inlayed

    Cherry Inlayed

  • Walnut Daniela Bubinga

    Walnut Daniela Bubinga

  • Mappa Burl Over Cherry

    Mappa Burl Over Cherry

  • Tigerwood


  • Mahogany Blue

    Mahogany Blue

  • 16X7 Snare Drum

    16X7 Snare Drum

  • Snares


  • João Gonçalo

    João Gonçalo

  • Dual Walnut Inlay

    Dual Walnut Inlay

  • Elm Over Cherry

    Elm Over Cherry

  • Black Limba Strainer

    Black Limba Strainer

  • Mahogany Maple Wood Hoops

    Mahogany Maple Wood Hoops

  • Walnut White Inlay

    Walnut White Inlay

  • Ebony Macassar Sub

    Ebony Macassar Sub

  • Birch Rosewood

    Birch Rosewood

  • Bubinga Olive Wood

    Bubinga Olive Wood

  • Green


  • Throw Off

    Throw Off

  • Ziricote Veneer

    Ziricote Veneer

  • Jazz Groove Kit

    Jazz Groove Kit

  • Mahoganist 16BD

    Mahoganist 16BD

  • 15X7 3 Snare Drum

    15X7 3 Snare Drum

  • Walnut Inlayed

    Walnut Inlayed

  • Bubinga Waterfall

    Bubinga Waterfall

  • Padauk Purpleheart

    Padauk Purpleheart

  • Maple Blackbirdseye

    Maple Blackbirdseye

  • Special Waterfall Bubinga

    Special Waterfall Bubinga

  • Satin Walnut Set

    Satin Walnut Set

  • Ice Birch

    Ice Birch

  • Oyster BKRED Snare

    Oyster BKRED Snare

  • Scandi Walnut

    Scandi Walnut

  • Glitter 24

    Glitter 24

  • Maple Karilian Birch

    Maple Karilian Birch

  • Black Tulip White Dye

    Black Tulip White Dye

  • English Walnut

    English Walnut

  • Special Edition

    Special Edition

  • Jatoba Wengue Maple

    Jatoba Wengue Maple

  • Staves


  • Black Amara

    Black Amara

  • Black Limba

    Black Limba

  • Rosewood Walnut

    Rosewood Walnut

Drums & Snares

Plywood Regular FInish Drums Solid Wood Finish  
Black Walnut
Plywood Exotic Finish Drums Exotic Finishes  
Massur Birch
Plywood Mahoganist STD Standard Model  
Mahoganist 20
Plywood Wrap Drums Imagine it, We create  
Oyster Gold
Metal Kits Big Fat Sounding Drums  
Special Edition Stave Snare Drums One of a Kind  
Special Edition
Metal Snare Drums Amazing sound  
Plywood Series Snare Drums Plywood Snare Drums  
Mahogany Maple Wood Hoops
Staves Series Snare Drums Thin and Resonant Staves  
Stave Azure
Steam Bent Snare Drums Amazing Tone  
Steam Maple
Delmar Wrap Snares Your Creation  
Oyster BKRED Snare

Artists & Studios

João Santiago  
João Santiago
André Silva  
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Maple Poplar Drums Round and Vintage  
SAM 4103
Walnut Drums by Groove Drum Co. Thin & Perfect  
The Walnut Kit
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